Ant man has always been the runt of the pack when it comes to the MCU. The first Ant Man came out at a time when he was relatively unheard of, at least to the mainstream. The idea of a superhero that can shrink is not exactly scream out blockbuster. But this is marvel we’re talking about. They know the audience and they know how to get the most out of their characters. The first movie was a blast, low stakes but high fun factor. The same can said for its sequel.

After Civil War, our Hero is at the end of a two year house arrest. Just 3 more days and he’s free. He hasn’t spoken to the Pym since deciding to take their tech to help Captain America. Relations are frosty to say the least. But a new phase shifting villain and the opportunity to bring Janet Van Dyne back brings the two parties back together. The thing about the Ant movies so far, is that they are intentionally solo movies. If you ignore the post credit sequences they don’t add any story points to the main mythology of the MCU. And that means form a storytelling point of view the pressure is off. The movie is going for pure fun and entertainment and it really works on this level. Its one of the rare true solo movies in the MCU.

Highlights include the amazing Micheal Pena and the not so bright, but good hearted Luis, as well as a malfunctioning suit which turns Rudd toddler size. If that dosent sound like your cup of tea Ant Man and the Wasp may not be for you, but if you’re looking for something to lighten your mood post Infinity War, this is defiantly the movie for you.



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