The franchise hits new heights in the latest instalment, Fallout.

How does this franchise keep getting better? Six movies in it should be showing its age, but instead its getting stronger. You could consider the last 3 movies to be a mini trilogy, as their stories are so intertwined, but the real revolution started with MI3. After the dismal MI2, a change in direction was sorely needed. JJ Abrams took a more down to approach to earth which has stuck with the series ever since. Not that the stunts are any less amazing because of this change in tone, in fact they have become even more spectacular and dangerous.

Hunt and team are on a mission to grab 3 nuclear cores from terriosts, when a choice has to made between the mission and the team. Hunt chooses the team, meaning the cores get in to even more dangerous hands. The Apostles, the series regular bad guys are back and are out to cause chaos again and its up to the team to stop them, with the help of CIA assassin August Walker, played by the wonderfully moustached Henry Cavill. During the mission, the CIA is led to believe that hunt is the true leader of the Apostles and so the chase is on to stop the bad guys before the CIA can catch him. The movie jumps from country to country in an spectacular show of action and drama, that few other action movies will ever reach. Its a great set up, that also unfortunately holds the films greatest weakness. Yet again Hunt is on the run from his own government. I actually groaned out loud when it became clear that this was going to be a story point again. They really need to stop using this plot device and give us a true mission in the next movie.

Luckily the rest of the movie makes up for weakness many times over. The action truly is glorious and on another level to any other modern action flick. Cruise literally risks life and limb to bring us some of the most amazing action sequences ever. It honestly is some of the most spectacular action you will ever see in a action movie. Cruise actually broke his ankle jumping from building to building in one scene, with that footage actually staying in the film. His dedication is clear. If that level of dedication can be added to the story of the next movie, we could be looking at one of the best action movies ever.


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