Round 7

DS9, Season 7, episode 10 Its only a paper moon

Now reading these episode summaries I can understand how DS9 can seem a little like a downer. This particular episode won’t help that perception. Nog is having serious issues with Post Traumatic stress syndrome and dives into a holodeck fantasy to escape. Now that docent exactly sound fun, but with skilful writing and great acting, it turns out to be one of the best episodes in the season. And thats a tough call, as season 7 is amazing.

TNG Season 5, Episode 18 Cause and Effect

Its time loop time again. But when its done this well who cares? The Enterprise is destroyed again and again in spectacular fashion. The members of the crew feel a sense of deja vu, which leads them to believe that all is not what it seems. There have been lots of time travel/loop episodes, including an excellent one on Discovery. But this is the time loop storyline done at its very best and that pre credits destruction of the enterprise is a killer.

Its close but the storytelling in Cause and Effect is just too good. Winner: The Next Generation.

Catch up with Picard before he returns

But don’t forget the dark and brilliant DS9


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