Harry Potter is a phenomenon. Even after all these years its still incredibly popular. I mean i’m an adult and I still love the series. Here’s some of the best toys and books available for some great prices.

Harry Potter Box Set: The Complete Collection (Children’s Paperback)

It goes without saying, but you and your young ones should start off with the books. Every single one is great quality and still make a thrilling read even now.

Available brand new for only £29.99.

Harry Potter Wizard Wand with Ollivanders Box from The Noble Collection


Get an amazing copy of Harry’s wand from Ollivanders Shop. Its an amazing replica and come in a great box, which really makes you feel like your being handed something special.

Available for £28.95

Hogwarts Wand Set Harry Potter Gift

If your really into wands this box set could be perfect. For just £19.99 you get all this.

  • Magical wand with quality box
  • Wand Contract
  • List Of Spells
  • Runic Alphabet Chart
  • Hogwarts Express Ticket
  • Knight Bus Ticket
  • Diagon Alley Map (A4 size)
  • Hogwarts school bag
  • Hogwarts chest box (made from card)
  • Hogwarts A6 Card (blank inside)
  • 4 exclusive A5 prints

Its amazing value and would make a great gift, or stick it on the mantle piece like I did. Available for £19.99

Harry Potter Gryffindor School Bag 

Its back to school time, so why not have them skipping to school on the first day with this Gryffindor Satchel. Hell even if your a grown up its worth ordering.

Available for only £9.39

That’s all for now but feel free to browse what other Harry Potter related items Amazon have by clicking here.  Its well worth a click.


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