It’s been 14 years since the incredibles was released, but anticipation for a sequel is still high. But has the wait been worth it?

I truly have never been so excited for a sequel since Infinity War. It’s that big a deal to me. Fortunately it lives up to the hype I’ve built in my head and more. We pick up exactly where we left off in the original, with the attack of the underminer on the city. At first glance the animation hasn’t changed much, but it’s an illusion. It’s far more detailed than the first movie and downright beautiful at times. But that’s not only where the strength of this film is. It’s main strength is that the story takes us on a journey you might not expect.

Superhero’s are still illegal but super rich telecommunications entrepreneur Winston Deavor and his sister have other ideas. They want to bring back superheroes to their former glory and they have chosen Elastigirl as the hero to do it.

Story wise this means that Mr Incredible is sidelined when it comes to superhero work. I was worried that this would lessen his character, but the writers are far too good to let that happen. All it does is open up another side to him. The family is still working as a team, it’s just that the dynamic has changed. Bob stays at home and looks after the kids so that his wife can make it possible for all superhero’s to be legal. His role is no less important than hers. This is the genius of this movie. The story is different, we are given new characters but the at it’s core is still the family.

The only down point I could put on this movie is the bad guy. It far too obvious who it’s going to be and their motivations are pretty silly. All in all it doesn’t take much away from what is an excellent movie.



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