Sometimes its good to treat yourself, or be treated, and Prime day is the perfect day to get yourself a deal, or treat someone you love (ahem)As long as your a prime member you can get a piece of these crazy deals. Be warned though once these deals are gone their gone, so don’t miss out!!!!!

Lets look at some of the launch day offers that caught my eye.

  1. Soundcore Infini Mini soundbar by Anker. £75

Im the sort of person who loves entertainment but lives on a set budget. Finding a decently priced sound bar can be a little hard to find, but with this one I think I’m in luck.

Its main features are

  • 2.0 sound
  • Full immersive room filling surround sound
  • multiple input options. Connect via bluetooth, AUX cables, optical etc.
  • Remote control
  • Amazing quality at an affordable price

This really is an great option for surround sound if your on a budget but still want that cinema feel. Highly recommended. Available for Prime members for £75 here.

2. INLIFE Robot vacuum cleaner self-charger. £199

Now this is the sort of thing I’ve always wanted but just always seemed so out there. But this version is so practical and value for money I don’t think I can resist anymore. With 80 mins of cleaning time, the ability to avoid obstacles and falling down stairs, this robot vacuum is the one to get. When its done it simply returns to its docking station when its done. To set it up you can use its touchscreen controls or the remote that comes with it. Simples.

Its main features are

  • 80 mins cleaning time
  • Will avoid obstacles and falling down stairs
  • Super easy to set up
  • Simply returns to its dock when done
  • Great value for money

Great value and super effective at scaring the cat. Available for Prime members for £199 here.

3. Soundcore Liberty Lite True Wireless Earphones. £59.99

You don’t need to pay ridiculous prices to get great wireless headphones. These Soundcore wireless headphones produce stunning sound for a crazy good price.

Its main features are

  • Graphine- Enhanced sound. In layman terms it means it sounds really good.
  • 12 hour playtime.
  • Ultra fast set up
  • Resistant to water and other liquids.
  • Super easy to use charging case.

Great value wireless earphones at a great price. Whats stopping you? Available for Prime members for £59.99 here.

4. Arlo Smart Home Security Light. £139 

Looking to secure your home, but not looking to spend a million bucks to do it? Little things like this can really help.

Its main features are

  • 100 percent wire free.
  • Motion-dectection
  • Mobile alerts. Get instant notifications sent to your phone.
  • Weather resistant
  • Multi coloured LED
  • Best of all it works with Amazon Alexa

This super high tech device is a great way to add a little security  to your home, while not breaking the bank. Available for Prime members for £139 here.

Tried these devices out? Let me know what you thought of them by leaving a comment.


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