Uber violence at its best.

You’ve surely seen the theatrical cut of 1987 classic Robocop?…. but there is another version.

Would you like to know more?

Nobody does violence like Paul Verhoeven in the late 80s, early 90s. His ‘body’ violence is on a level with Cronenberg. That impact is only enhanced due to the unrated version that we’re reviewing here. It has mostly subtle changes but still ups the over the top violence. And that’s the key here. Yes it’s super violent, but in an incredibly over the top way that can only be taken as satire. In this version for example, ED-209 not only kills poor Mr Kinny, he also pretty much shreds his body to pieces in a slightly lengthier scene. Murphy’s ‘death’ scene lasts longer than the theatrical version and has one of those great Verhoeven mannequins that’s so fake it’s great. It’s awesome.

Robocop in action

What’s really made Robocop last the test of time, is that’s it’s not just a stupid action movie. It’s a true satire on 80s America. Ronald Regan was a massive fan of privatisation. For him it was all about the free market and capitalism. Sure a privatised police force is an exaggeration, but we’re talking about a dystopian future after all. Yuppie culture is also majorly ridiculed. The executives in Robocop will do anything to climb the corporate ladder, including screwing over their colleagues.

This combination of ultra violence, satire and comedy is hard to balance, but Verhoeven manages it perfectly. It doesn’t matter if your watching in the 80s, 90s or the 10s this film still works on a level most action movies can only dream off.

5 Stars

Order this Uber violent classic right here.

Our Fiona Hates Everything On Robocop is right here!


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