Spending time with Dad is important and it can be hard to pick out the perfect movie, so were here to give you a helping hand.. All these great films are available to rent or buy for super cheap prices on Amazon and should be perfect for a lazy Sunday with Dad.


Make your Dad feel like the ultimate bad ass by popping this on.  Does your dad have a very particular set of skills? They probably consist of being able to find the remote control down the sofa, or being good at mowing the lawn, but let him escape into a Liam Neeson action fantasy for a couple of hours and you never know what skills he may pick up.

Rent or buy it below from only £3.49

Father of of the Bride

If your a bit of a daddy’s girl this could be the pick for you. Hopefully he will handle your marriage better than Steve Martin does in this flick.

Rent or buy below from only £3.49

Kramer vs Kramer

Now this could be an emotional Sunday. Amazing performances from all involved including eight year old Justin Henry. Keep an eye out for a tear in your dads eye.

Rent or buy it here from only £3.49

Die Hard

If your dad ever has dreams of rescuing hostages while only wearing a vest top and no shoes, this is the perfect movie for him. An absolute classic, but try and stick with the origanal.

Rent or buy below from only £1.99

Stay tuned for tomorrows picks.


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