Who Is Ms. Marvel?


Kamala Khan is the first Muslim character to headline a a Marvel comic. She’s lives in Jersey City, New Jersey. The series was written by G.Willow Wilson and drawn by Adrian Alphona. She first appeared in 2013.

In relation to the relevance of her religion, Marvel editor Sana Amanat states,

“As much as Islam is a part of Kamala’s identity, this book isn’t preaching about religion or the Islamic faith in particular. It’s about what happens when you struggle with the labels imposed on you, and how that forms your sense of self. It’s a struggle we’ve all faced in one form or another, and isn’t just particular to Kamala because she’s Muslim. Her religion is just one aspect of the many ways she defines herself.”


When the Terrigin mist is released khan’s Inhuman heritage is revealed and her dormant Inhuman cells are released. Captain Marvel is her idol and she emulates her when she gains her powers.
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Shape shifting, polymorphic able to lengthen her limbs

Cultural importance

Reaction has been mostly positive with Fatemeh Fakhraie, founder of Muslimah Media Watch, a diversity advocacy group, telling Al Jazeera America that “She is going to be a window into the American Muslim experience” and that she “normalizes this idea of the American experience as Muslim.”

Sana Amanat presenting a copy of Ms. Marvel to President Obama at the White House.


Kevin Feige recently said that he hoped to bring Kamala to the MCU at some point in the future.


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