Legion Season 2 Episode 4 Review

Major mind bending spoilers ahead

Just when you think you know this show, it takes a completely different turn. On the surface it doesn’t actually read as if much happened this week, but I feel that understanding Syid’s emotional state will be key to the outcome of this season.

After freeing Potomay and Melanie relatively easy last week from the maze, we should have know it wouldn’t have been so easy with Syd. After entering Syd’s mind in what David assumes is the same maze the others were in, David has to work out what the memories he’s being shown actually mean. Again. And again. And again. Syds memories appear to consist of her in her childhood and her fear of being touched. One memory in particular holds a disturbing sexual encounter with one of her mothers boyfriends. But being Legion all is not what it seems.

Dark Souls Remastered

Being taken through the same memory over and over could have been boring with any other show, but Legion has us expecting this sort of weirdness now. Its able to keep even its “smaller”episodes interesting, or in this case totally enthralling. Every time he gets to the end of the memory he thinks he’s worked out what her issue is, but she constantly tells him no and he has to repeat, again and again. David makes a lot of assumptions in this episode, his biggest being that he presumes the memory he’s seeing is about Syd not liking being touched, due to her body swapping quirk. But what we eventually find out is in fact David isn’t in the maze and Syd is trying to show him what she sees as the truth. It isn’t love that will get them through the upcoming threat. It’s the pain that we go through in our lives that makes us strong.

It isn’t the lovers that will survive. It’s the people that have had pain and sorrow in their life who will have enough emotional armor to get through the end of the world.

When the duo do wake up it’s to discover that monk jumping off the roof has woken the infected up. That’s the good news. The maybe not so good news is that Lenny has somehow been freed from the Shadow Kings mind and is now in Division 3 custody.

I can imagine this is the kind of superhero show that isn’t really a superhero show that will frustrate people. Especially this type of episode where it’s pretty much only two main characters in the entire episode. But it so well written and acted, it can totally change tact and still keep the audience engaged. Other episodes have had more action or twists in them, but this character episode may be the best of all the episodes so far.


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