Star Wars The Last Jedi (2017) Review

Talk about Divisive…….

When Disney announced they we’re making a new trilogy, the world wondered aloud what we would be served up. The Force Awakens was a massive hit. It racked up the biggest opening of all time and became the 3rd biggest film of all time. But I couldn’t help but wonder what we would have got if they had taken a few more risks. TFA was very safe, so safe you could argue it’s was a simple remix of A New Hope, and many have.

So when a new director was bought in I was hoping for something new and fresh. Instead we got a remix of The Empire Strikes back and a touch of Return of the Jedi. It isn’t that risks weren’t taken, in fact you could argue that it’s the riskiest Star Wars movie yet, it’s just that any risks are offset by a storyline that relies far to much on past instalments.

Interestingly we don’t start off with a pay off to the cliffhanger from the last episode. Instead we join the Resistance as they are on the run, with the First Order hot on their heels. After losing most of their bombing fleet after a screwed up offensive plan by Poe, the Resistance is somehow being tracked while traveling in hyperspace. Finn wakes up from his injuries received on the end of Kylo Ren’s lightsaber desperate to find Rey, he decides to steal a ship and find her anyway he can.
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When we finally catch up with Rey she is still handing the lightsaber to Luke. Here is where I guess some people have issue with the tonal shift of Luke’s character. He is not where some of the audience think he should be at. Personally I like it. One of the many good things this movie does well is the unexpected. It changes certain characters in ways I didn’t expect. I would have liked more of that when it comes to the plot, but that’s a different issue. The story of why Luke hasn’t trained any more Jedi and his general nonchalance towards the rest of the galaxy is one of the best part of the movies for me, but I can understand why some would find it jarring.

While Luke’s story film kept me entertained, Finn and new character Rose’s trip to Canto Bight seems drawn out and unnecessary. It honestly feels like they had to find Finn something to do and it just comes off as forced.

Listen, if I sound like I don’t like this movie you would be mistaken.

The mystery connection between Rey and Ren was great. The movie long chase between the Resistance and the Rebellion capital ships is exciting and well thought out and the ending of the film is mostly satisfying. It just seems overall like a missed opportunity for something special.


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