Life Review (2017)

Life will find a way. No matter the cost……

At first glance Life shares at least a basic premise with The Cloverfield Paradox. In both films a set of international characters share a space station, on a mission to expand scientific knowledge. However, where as Cloverfield was dull and berift of thrills, Life does a much better job of entertaining the audience with an intriguing plot and mostly interesting characters.

In an exciting, well shot opening, the crew of the International Space Station rescue a probe which possibly contains the first proof of Alien Life.

This opening sequence is very exciting and really gives you high expectations for what lies ahead. The thing is, Life never really lives up to those expectations. Once on board scenes of experimentation on the life form are tense and claustrophobic, but I couldn’t help but be disappointed by the design of the alien. I won’t go into detail and it probably makes sense from a realistic biological point of view, but in the context of a movie it’s a little dull. Some sort of creativity in regard to the alien design would have really help the film, especially as originality is lacking in most departments. Even the “surprising death of one the films biggest stars, doesn’t hit home as hard as it should. We just haven’t had time to connect with the character before to have any other reaction than surprise. Its a well directed film, well acted and is very exciting at times, but it just doesn’t add enough to the genre to make it a must see.

This movie is available from on £5.99 right here


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