Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope Review (1977)

The one that everyone loves but I’m just….meh.

A new hope is a classic. No doubt. Without Lucas’s vision in 1977 fantasy movies and sci fi wouldn’t be what they are today. A low budget space opera that caught the world attention and never let go. It introduced us to classic characters like Luke, Han and Darth Vader. As well as presenting sci fi fantasy on screen in a way never seen before. Yet I cant help but feel its a little overrated. I’ll pop on my flame proof jacket.

We re-join the saga about twenty years since the Empire took over the galaxy. They rule with an iron fist putting down any resistance to them with no mercy . Luke and Leia know nothing about their pastor even each other, with Luke living on Tatooine on a moisture farm and Leia who clearly got the best deal, living as a princess on Alderaan.

Amazing movies

But this is Luke’s story. It’s the tale of a farm boy who teams up with the resistance against the evil empire and becomes a hero. You can go into this movie and ignore all the other previous episodes, as they don’t they really change how enjoyable this movie is. It’s simplistic to its core and all the better for it. But for me it’s also it’s biggest weakness. I’m a massive MCU fan. It’s crazy but they have changed the way I view movies. I like interconnectivity and the idea of what happened in the past matters. Outside of the greater saga this movie just seems small, which is an insane thing to say about a movie that contains a weapon the size of a moon that can blow planets up. That said, viewed back to back with Episode 3 the two do have a nice symmetry.

Episode 4 is a great simple story that I know is loved by pretty much everyone, but to me just seems to quaint and small for it to be one of my favourite Star Wars movies. I honestly think I have watched The Phantom Menace more times than I have watched A new hope. Seriously. As pure entertainment is great but it isn’t till Episode 5 that these characters get really interesting.

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