Spiderman Homecoming (2017) Review


New generation, new Spiderman


One of the biggest questions I get asked is, who my favourite Spiderman actor is. Personally I’m a Toby Maguire man. He portrays just about enough innocence and heroism to make him likable and someone that you can look up to. Plus, it helps that Spiderman 2 is one of the best superhero movies ever made. Andrew Garfield was fine and bought a level of sarcasm and self-knowing that feels more suitable to the modern version of the character. However, he was let down by mediocre movies which meant he could never really live up to his potential.

We were introduced to Tom Hollands Spiderman during 2016s Civil War. He probably didn’t have more than 10 minutes screen time but, was used it such an amazing way fans were dying to see more. They didn’t have to wait for long. In 2017 we finally got to see a solo Spiderman movie under the MCU umbrella, due to a collaboration deal between Sony and Disney. Thankfully we aren’t made to sit through another Spiderman origin story. We catch up with Peter immediately after Civil war where he’s finding life after all the excitement of superhero insurrection a little mundane. The only contact he has with Tony Stark is through Happy, who is not exactly the friendliest person. Peter fills his days up attending school and performing low level hero acts. He’s you’re typical geek kid with a crush on the hot girl at school. He just happens to have be able to climb walls, has super strength and has a high tech Stark designed spandex suit in his closet. By chance he come across a gang using tech bought from the movies big bad, Michael Keaton. After foiling a robbery Peter tries to inform Stark about the new-fangled tech but is dismissed by Happy. So, Peter goes out on his own to prove that he can be trusted to be the superhero New York needs.

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Director Jon Watts sets a nice balance between a school movie in the vein of john Hughes and a full-on superhero movie. His school friends are interesting and quirky and the level of action while not quite on an Avengers movie level, is exciting and satisfying. A big fear was that Tony Stark being in the film would be too overwhelming and that Spiderman would be a secondary character in his own movie. Luckily Iron Man is used sparingly, and Spiderman is allowed to be the true hero of the film.

Holland for me is not quite at the Level that Maguire but, is well on his way to becoming my favourite Spiderman. Out of the suit he portrays just the right amount of social awkwardness that you would expect, but when he puts the suit on he gives of enough one liners and attitude to fit in well in the MCU.

The only thing that stops me from giving this film full marks is the big bad. Marvel is always said to have a bad problem, but that’s not really the issue. Keaton’s Vulture is not a bad villain, its just that he’s more interesting when he doesn’t have the wings and helmet on. There’s moments were you fear for Peters life even without the threat of all the Vultures tech. It’s an impressive performance but needed a little more time to develop into a true classic.

A great reboot of the Spiderman story with a excellent new star. The bad guy is not up to Dr Octopus standard and the action could be considered to be on the small scale but, it’s a very enjoyable entry.




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