R.I.P.D (2013)

Jeff Bridges in R.I.P.D.

Terrible, no great, no really bad movie of the week

R.I.P.D. 2013 Review by Leon Woodley

They forgot to resurrect the funny.

If you were just to read the synopsis of this 2013 movie, you may be fooled in to thinking there is fun to be had here. And you wouldn’t be alone, as in principle it sounds full of potential.

Ryan Reynolds plays a somewhat shifty cop who’s betrayed by his even shiftier partner played by the always great Kevin Bacon. On a previous bust they both decided to steal evidence and keep it for a rainy day. Reynolds has a change of heart however which leads to his partner murdering him. From here we discover that the after life is real, but instead of heading to heaven for judgment, Reynolds is chosen to become part of the so-called Rest in Peace Department. Apparently not everyone that dies willingly chooses to go on to the afterlife. Those that refuse to move on and stay on earth are called “deados” and cause all kinds of unwanted trouble. This is where the R.I.P.D come in. They keep the order by capturing or killing the “deados” before they can cause too much damage. Their true identities are kept secret to the public as they perceive each member of the R.I.P.D as something less suspicious. For example, Bridges appears as a woman with supermodel looks, while Reynolds appears as an elderly Chinese man. They work in the shadows to protect the earth from the scum of the afterlife. So far so Men in Black. Which would be a good thing if unlike Men in Black, it wasn’t so unfunny and boring. As soon as Reynolds is given over to a grizzled Jeff Bridges for a mentor you should expect all kinds of funny, but unfortunately, it’s a dull disaster. Reynolds can be a very funny man as emphasised in Deadpool but that movie had a great script and allowed him to bring his wacky humour into the project. In this movie he just looks bored. I don’t think I laughed once during the entire movie, which if you asked my wife you would know is amazing, (apparently, I laugh at everything). It’s such a shame because the base plot is so interesting and holds so much promise.

One actor who clearly isn’t bored and is going all out is Bridges. He is clearly putting everything he has into it, which makes it even more depressing that the entire movie is so disappointing. That includes the pedestrian and predictable action sequences, which when you think about it should be exciting. The idea of dead cops chasing rebellious dead people around a big city is much more thrilling in theory than what we’re actually given on screen. In the end it simply lacks inventiveness and inspiration which may have developed, if they had just taken more time to think about what they wanted to do creatively.

R.I.P.D was a huge bomb at the box office and to be blunt it deserved to be. It’s rushed and lazy, with its biggest crime being that it’s utterly boring.


Jeff Bridges is trying his best.

A great idea in principle.

It has Kevin Bacon in it.


Ryan Reynolds is clearly just daydreaming about his pay slip during the movie.

Terribly boring and predictable.

Not even the great Kevin Bacon can save this.

Stupidly unfunny.

2 Stars


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